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Young Barrister: Art For Lawyers

A Unique Genre—Barrister Art For Lawyers

“Young Barrister” is not inspired by Maxine Peake’s character, Martha Costello, a barrister on Silk. Nor, is it inspired by the Australian TV series Janet King. I’m often asked if these programs are the source of inspiration behind the barrister art series and the answer is no. Although I very much enjoyed Silk and I continue to watch Marta Dusseldorp’s Janet King. Nevertheless, the Barrister Art For Lawyers series is completely unique and the body of works’ inspiration lies elsewhere.

Barristers In the Spirit of Janet King Martha Costello Young Barrister Archival Giclée Art Print

My Barrister Art For Lawyers and Barrister, Bird and Architecture series are most likely inspired by time spent in the U.K. and strolling around Cambridge. During and throughout University, I was very drawn to these locations. Well...I still am and I have had a life-long interest in law. I find elaborate legal wigs intriguingly beautiful and so I occasionally paint them in historical or vintage styles in ink or graphite.

I have also been asked if creating feminist art is a particular focus. It’s an interesting question, but I just paint the beauty I see in my mind and/or surroundings. I find powerful, independent and educated women interesting and so these ideas may run naturally through some of my work. I suspect if I were to overthink themes, genres or niches such as “Barrister Art For Lawyers,” may never have been painted. Overthinking and analyzing my direction would have probably seriously hindered my creative process. Instead, I find themes that become prominent seem to emerge accidentally.

When I painted the first barrister painting, I had no idea that anyone other than myself would ever appreciate it and I was surprised that it sold almost immediately. I want and aim for all my artwork to engage or resonate and it’s deeply rewarding when a buyer tells me that a painting, not only resonates, but also empowers. These are meaningful, encouraging words that help me continue to push myself creatively.

Outside of the t-shirt or mug idea, collectors have told me that it’s nearly impossible to find unique, high quality “lawyer gifts.” And so I am delighted to have created my own genre, barrister art with birds and other significant motifs, which continues to appeal to legal art minded people.

Since having begun the Barrister Art For Lawyers series many years ago, the subject has not waned in interest and if anything; it’s as strong as ever. However, I plan to explore a little more, evolve and branch out with this theme.

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