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Fine Art Giclées

Our busy print shop is on a brief sabatical. My loyal printer, named Noori is taking a maintenance break.

Mini desk calendars, mini note cards, greeting cards, and fine art prints are an important part of my creative business. Sadly, some of the smaller specialty paper products may not return to my shop simply due to the endless rising shipping costs. Specifically, shipping with tracking from Canada is extremely challenging. Perhaps, a smaller item bundled with another purchase is a possibilty. These are best seller products and I will do my best to find a manageable option that works.

Giclées that are museum quality require the best paper available. For me, that means my shop has always, only, been stocked with the highest-quality Hahnemühle paper. However, Arctic Paper and its manufacturing process is unique and inspiring. Thus, going forward, all fine art paper goods will be made with either brand.

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