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Art is Remote Viewing

The Role of Art

While the daily impact from COVID-19 health restrictions, shutdowns and economic uncertainty has many feeling forced into a torpid preternatural existence, it’s not stopping people from seeking beauty and purchasing art. Art is bigger than COVID-19. With this pandemic, I’m beginning to understand how online shoppers are coping.

People are now buying art that they may’ve been admiring for years. There is a surge in mini renovations with many of you making it a priority to update your homes and work-from-home environments. Specifically, some of you, my customers are telling me that purchasing art at this time is about more than shopping to distraction or a desire to decorate. You are looking for things that bring your hearts and minds together in calm.

Initially, I had thought the current situation would affect my business, but I realize now that art is not going to be sidelined by COVID-19. And why should it? People commissioned paintings and portraits during the Bubonic Plague in the Middle Ages. Artists continued painting through the Great Depression and people purchased their art. The scale of art looting during WW2 is well documented, but art was also being honestly collected throughout the war. History demonstrates that it’s going to take a lot more than COVID-19 to quash the desire for art.

Art is remote viewing, a “TAG” I created when I was in university. It resonates as deeply for me now as it did then. Bringing art into our lives provides emotional nourishment and joy. It provides clarity and certainty. When our realities become tough, we do things differently and I’m witnessing that every day. In the midst of this economic turmoil, people are buying art. I’m receiving more than normal international orders and some of those are from first time art buyers. I’m also surprised to find an increase in university students buying my prints. All this gives me incredible hope and confirms that I need to continue making the best art I possibly can for you.

Thank you for following my art release updates — and for stopping by and reading.

“Art is Remote Viewing”