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Currently exhibiting at Bergdorf Goodman, New York

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Before Bast, 8 x 10 gouache on 12 x 16 inch watercolor paper, Alexanda Swistak

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Alexandra Swistak studied Art History and Education at the University of Victoria. Additional art studies include watercolor and ceramics in Japan and oil painting in France.

Born in India, she emigrated to Canada with her family and settled in British Columbia. Her work is widely collected both nationally and internationally.


The Flemish Renaissance, Mughal portraiture, Classicism and Cubism are primary references for my work. The subject always begins in the representational form with a contrasting background. Through layers of thin washes, delicate glazes, thick impasto, and sporadic scumbles of semi transparent colors, the work evolves into the abstract or remains representational. Although divergent in process, each painting unfolds from a deeply intuitive, personal and imaginative narrative.

Home, community and sense of belonging have been the backdrop to the most turbulent events in my life. As a woman of color and immigrant, I explore the intersection between belonging and otherness, truth and power, love and loss, security and family. Whether figurative, still life or landscape, I look for archetypes that face the past and reconcile the present.

In the most recent body of work, the subject is created around a discourse on beauty, form, color and spacial relationships.

Art Commission

I am currently fully booked with large scale, 60 to 70 inch works on linen. Commissions will only reopen once these works are completed and delivered.

Original Art

New contemporary paintings are shared with subscribers first and anything remaining is then listed in my shop. If you are interested in an original painting, please let us know. (There is a waitlist for some collections in certain sizes.)